Myopia Management
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We're thrilled to present our new program for our youngest patients! This program aims to keep their precious eyes healthy and strong.

We believe that nurturing healthy vision habits should start early. That's why we've curated a range of engaging and educational programs designed to empower kids with the knowledge and tools to care for their eyes.

Joining our Eagle Eye Club as an Explorer means your children will receive extra personalized attention to help them soar with better vision. We'll guide them through comprehensive eye exams, provide helpful tips for maintaining good eye health, guide them through their selected Myopia Management treatment option, and offer expert advice on choosing age-appropriate eyewear.

By enrolling your kids in our Eagle Eye Club as an Explorer, you're investing in their visual well-being and setting them up for a lifetime of better vision. With the right care and guidance, they'll be equipped to soar towards new horizons with crystal-clear sight and confidence!

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