Handcrafted Eyewear

Our eyewear is handcrafted and custom selected to fit your visual needs and lifestyle. We offer personal styling appointments to help you select your perfect fit.


Kawasaki is a highly crafted luxury Japanese brand that specializes in rimless frames. The design offers a ‘screw less, anti-tension’ framework that eliminates loosening of a lens caused by wear and tear of the lens locking screws, a common issue pertaining to rimless frames. The collection also features a rim ornament that comes in titanium and acetate, so that our clients can continue to enjoy the benefits of wearing a rimless frame, while displaying a full rim look.

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Zero G

Zero G Titanium refers to "zero gravity" or "weightlessness". This exclusive collection focuses on classic, modern, and timeless shapes in rich colors and unique patterns. Designed in California and handcrafted in Japan, Zero G is created with style, balance, comfort, and weightlessness in mind. All Zero G frames are hypoallergenic, 40% lighter than stainless-steel, and cut from a single sheet of surgical-grade titanium.

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Kio Yamato

KIO YAMATO is Japanese luxury eyewear with sophistication and foresight. KIO translates as pure and clean. The natural, refined lines of the design accent the concept of lightweight titanium and truly unique, custom-made acetate. For years, Kio Yamato has invested a great amount of energy to innovation in the material utility of acetates and metals. Every hand-made piece is the result of hundreds of production steps and immeasurable skill that you can feel in the product itself.

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Founded in Japan in 1905, Masunaga is the gold standard in craftsmanship, with hand-polished acetate, seven-barrel hinges, and beautiful silver rivets. Masunaga has retained its place among Japan’s most desirable eyewear brands. It has made glasses for everyone from Emperor Hirohito to Robert De Niro, and its long history of technical and design ingenuity surely puts it among the pantheon of glasses greats.

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Etnia Barcelona

The designer eyewear brand is the finest of Barcelona, Spain with the highest quality of lenses in the world and a one-of-a-kind experience in the creation of the colors. This brand focuses on the idea of being free, being human, being multi-ethnic and cultured. It boasts bold designs for all types of people and never before seen colorways that emphasize the personality within individual faces.

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Born on the coast of California in 2006, SALT. combines the best of custom materials and Japanese Craftsmanship to create the finest in premium eyewear. The brand draws its inspiration from Nature’s effortless beauty, appearing simple on the surface yet consisting of a complex process perfected over time. The Sea, The Air, The Land and their Timeless connection. Each piece of SALT. eyewear has its own fingerprint, finished by the hands of third generation. SALT. is a brand for anyone who appreciates simple things made well.

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