Welcome baby Zachary!

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

It is with great joy and love in our hearts that we welcome our first born son, Zachary. Zachary arrived to us 1 week early and we had to cancel all our holiday events and even a wedding just so we can await his arrival.

It's been almost 3 weeks since his birthday on 12/2/2018 and our lives have changed so much. When we were expecting, our friends who are parents would advise "get your sleep now!" We would laugh it off and really didn't think much of it. Boy, those were solid advices! Sleep is no longer guaranteed, and if we do doze off, it is never a good continuous night sleep. Every wiggle or sound, wakes us up instantly. Having an infant reminds us of taking care of a Giga Pet, you know, it is a cycle of feeding, changing diapers and putting this tiny human to sleep (hopefully for more than 3 hours!).

Besides the lack of sleep, we are in awe of our child. We love staring at him and watching him grow everyday. His routines are changing because we can never figure him out. We enjoy our nightly Christmas music dance sessions with him and are delighted to catch a smile from him once in a while.

We wish everyone a merry Christmas with their loved ones and we can't to spend our very first Christmas with our hairy bundle of joy! See pics below for the reason behind our new gray hairs and under-eye circles... :)


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