Are you seeing eye floaters?

Eye floaters are those little spots in your vision that look like debris moving. If you’re seeing eye floaters, you may think you have some dust in your eyes or even an annoying fly buzzing around, but this is something that’s happening behind the scenes—eye floaters come from inside your eye!

Most of our patients describe their eye floaters to look like squiggly lines, black dots, cobwebs or even a ring like particle moving around in their line of sight (you have to watch the video below!). If you ever look at a blue sky or a white background, you may find yourself seeing them more clearly.

What are floaters made of?

Your eye is composed of a gel-like substance called the vitreous that helps maintain the shape of the eye and acts as a “shock absorber” to protect the fragile retina. As we get older, the vitreous begins to liquefy and deteriorate, and the contents of the vitreous clump together. These clumps of vitreous can appear in your vision as “spots,” “cobwebs,” or “floaters” and may vary in size and location. These floaters tend to appear as moving spots in your vision and can come and go throughout the day.

Should you be concerned?

Most floaters are benign in nature and have no threats to eye health although they can be annoying regarding our vision, new onset symptoms should always be evaluated by an eye doctor. Serious conditions such as retinal tears and detachments can lead to permanent vision loss without intervention and one of the most common symptom is new floaters in your vision. These issues are time sensitive and if you are ever concerned make sure to see your eye doctor to get a dilated retinal exam ASAP!

Watch this short clip to take a look into the retina! You can see circle shape "floater" moving side the eye, how cool is that!

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